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Feed bunker and fertiliser bin construction

Don Chapman Waikato can construct top quality feed bunkers suitable for both maize or crop silage. We can also build fertiliser bins to any size and to suit any budget.

Silage Bunker Construction

Our construction method uses a heavy duty reinforced concrete floor with concrete tilt panel walls, either 1.8m or 2.4m high. An important design feature of our silage bunkers is how we lean the walls out slightly at the top, meaning that when the silage shrinks in the stack, it maintains contact with the walls. This reduces the risk of spoiled silage by minimizing the air gap that could otherwise form here.

The juices that leach out from silage can be very aggressive on concrete, resulting in corrosion and damage to the concrete surface. We use mixes that include special additives in all of our concrete before it is poured, creating a silage bunker that is tough and incredibly durable.

Silage Bunker under Construction
Concrete Fertiliser and Feed Bin

Concrete Fertiliser and Feed Bins

Our concrete bins are well suited for dry stock-food or fertiliser. Each feed bin is constructed with a heavy duty, high strength reinforced concrete floor and pre-cast concrete wall sections. Our fertilizer bins are built to withstand rough treatment.

The bins can be covered with a tarpaulin or alternatively by a sliding metal-roofed structure. The sliding roof is pulled back to allow a tip truck to tip the feed or fertiliser/feed  into the bin, and then close it afterwards to keep weather off the contents.

We can motorize the roof for ease of operation, or build the roof to allow it to be opened with a tractor. The front of the fertilizer bin will often have a concrete apron as a work area. For a cost efficient solution for your feed of fertiliser storage needs, contact Don Chapman Waikato today.


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