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Milking parlour design and construction

Don Chapman Waikato is a licencee for Chapman Dairy Ltd, who have been designing and building miking parlours since 1967. Over four decades of dairy building experience and over 500 dairy parlours should reassure you that we are capable of designing and building a dairy parlour that suits the specific requirements of your dairy farm operation.

We offer a range of options in parlour styles, yard layout, plant room design and pipe work configuration. Some of the key features of our milking parlours are:

  • High cow flow efficiency
  • Optimised farm productivity
  • Rotary or herringbone parlours
  • Top quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance

Rotary milking parlours

For larger herds of 400 to 2,000 cows, rotary milking parlours are regarded as the fastest and most efficient milking solution. Rotary milking optimises the number of cows that can be milked by individual milkers and makes the most effective use of milker time.

Rotary dairy parlours can be integrated with most cow identification system. They are better suited than herringbone parlours for integrating with modern technology such as RFID.

With many years of experience designing and building rotary dairy parlours Don Chapman Waikato offers an extensive range of customizable designs to suit every situation. Rotary parlours can range in size from small 20-bail units, right up to 80-bail units. Your new rotary parlour can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

Herringbone milking parlours

Herringbone parlours are now mainly used only for smaller herds, typically up to a maximum of 400 – 500 cows.

Herringbone parlors range in size from 6-a-side units, up to perhaps 44 or 50-a-side units. An advantage of herringbone parlours is that they can be easily extended should your herd size increase in the future. However, herringbone’s do require more labour input than rotary parlours to milk an equivalent number of cows.

Don Chapman Waikato has a extensive range of herringbone shed designs that can further customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to learn more.